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two approaches to the recovery journey,

Two Approaches to the Recovery Race

Readers, start your reading!  Okay, we admit that is an odd way to open this blog entry. But we’re going to turn to the world of racing as a way to think about two approaches to the recovery journey.  The green flag is out, so it is time to get...

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If You Are What You Eat, Eat to Support Your Sobriety

The Big Three: Healthy Food, Regular Exercise, Restful Sleep

The early days of your recovery journey can feel absolutely overwhelming. You have returned to your daily life after time away in treatment. You are newly sober and eager to stay that way. You are also faced with the temptations that fueled your substance use disorder in the first place...

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woman setting pumpkin pie on dinner table - sober Thanksgiving

Make Your First Sober Thanksgiving Less Stressful and More Joyful

Are you newly sober? That is certainly something to be thankful for. But with Thanksgiving on the horizon, you may be feeling a creeping sense of dread instead of gratitude. Family gatherings can be challenging—and this year offers a range of additional challenges. Thanksgiving is just a few weeks after...

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Alumni, French Creek Alumni,

How We Support French Creek Alumni

You might not think the word “alumni” has much connection to treatment programs for substance use disorders. After all, “alumni” is a word generally used to refer to folks who have graduated from a school. Most every school—whether it is a high school a college or a university—wants to stay...

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Seasonal affective disorder

Checking it Twice: A List of Late-Year Recovery Strategies

Here in late September, it is already apparent in a number of ways that the year is winding down. The kids are back in school. The baseball playoffs are upon us, and so is football season. Halloween decorations are starting to appear in stores (and in the windows and yards...

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If You Are What You Eat, Eat to Support Your Sobriety

If You Are What You Eat, Eat to Support Your Sobriety

You have no doubt heard that old expression: “You are what you eat.” That seems problematic if you are, say, Cookie Monster, but the fact of the matter is that that old proverb has some application when it comes to recovery from a substance use disorder. If you are what...

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two-word phrases, Two-Word Phrases Related to Recovery

Two-Word Phrases Related to Recovery

Many times, two words can evoke meaningful moments and ideas.  “Play ball!” “Case closed.” “Carpe diem.” When it comes to two-word phrases related to the recovery journey, however, the meaning might not always be immediately clear. Take, for example, “pink cloud,” “rock bottom,” and “dry drunk.” All three of these...

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There’s Lots to Celebrate in September—Including National Recovery Month

Many people really look forward to September and the oncoming fall season. College and high school football is underway. Pumpkin spice products are starting to pop up all over. The weather is cooling, the leaves are starting to acquire their vibrant colors, and the world is nestled between the flurry...

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Mindfulness practice and yoga support sobriety.

Mindfulness and Yoga: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Sometimes our minds get to racing, and we can’t seem to slow them down. We have regrets about the past. We have anxiety about the future. Our brains seem extremely skilled at reminding us of our biggest failures or embarrassments and equally skilled at dreaming up all the things that...

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Recovery advice,Do Not Listen to What ‘They’ Say Unless You Know Who They Are

Do Not Listen to What ‘They’ Say Unless You Know Who They Are

“Well, you know what they say…” “A lot of people are saying…” “You know what I heard?” “I think I read somewhere…” These sorts of comments pop up in conversation all the time. It is possible you have uttered them yourself from time to time. Comments like this are almost...

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