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Recovery Podcasts for Your Recovery Journey

Are you a podcast fan? It seems as though there is something for absolutely everyone in the wide-open universe of podcasts. Maybe you want a podcast featuring stars of your favorite show re-watching along with you. Perhaps you’d like to take a deep dive into American history with two deeply engaged and engaging professors. Or maybe you are into true crime or postmodern adventures or stunning personal essays disguised as reviews or stories read to you by one of the great reading advocates of our time.

Or maybe you would like to check out some podcasts that can help support you on your recovery journey. After all, recovery from a substance use disorder is an ongoing challenge, and sometimes a friendly voice (or voices) in your ear who understands what you have been through—and are going through day by day—can be the boost you need to make it through a tough moment. And finding a podcast you enjoy and can listen to regularly is another way to build your community of support.

Find the Perfect Podcast

There are an impressive number of recovery podcasts to choose from. We will highlight a few to get you started, but you may have to do a little searching to find the perfect podcast for you.

Addiction Unscripted – hosted by Claire Rudy Foster

This is a five-episode series that features a Grammy-winning artist, an Ironman triathlete, and a skating legend, among others. The podcast has been compared to Ira Glass’s famed radio show This American Life. The podcast covers a range of issues related to addiction and recovery, but its limited run means it is a good place to start if you just want to get a sense of what a podcast might offer without making a huge commitment.

AA Beyond Beliefhosted by John S.

The 12 Steps have been helpful to so many people in recovery. But some people find it difficult to engage with the 12-Steps due to the focus on religion that seems to underpin them. This podcast offers listeners the opportunity to think about the 12 Steps through a secular lens—offering all of the benefits while stripping away the religious aspects. Atheists, agnostics, and others are all welcome.

F*cking Sober: The First 90 Days

As the title indicates, this award-winning podcast is a little edgier than the others we have highlighted so far. It is different in another way, too: this podcast is a work of fiction. Nevertheless, it dives deeply into the early and challenging days of sobriety as its protagonist, Anita Drake (read the name out loud a few times), tries not to pick up another drink. As a bonus, each episode of the show features music provided by musicians in recovery.

The Sober Therapist – hosted by Lynn Matti

Maintaining good mental health is an essential part of staying sober. Host and clinical counselor Lynn Matti offers insight and guidance for those looking to boost their mental well-being and protect their hard-won sobriety. Grounded in evidence-based therapeutic approaches, The Sober Therapist provides information and ideas that can be applied to your recovery journey right away.

Love Over Addiction – hosted by Michelle

This podcast differs from the others on this list because it is intended specifically for women who are in a relationship with someone suffering from some kind of addiction—including but not limited to substance use disorders. The idea is both simple and powerful: those who are in a relationship shaped by addiction need help just as much as the person who suffers from the addiction. The podcast offers hope and understanding to those who find themselves in this difficult situation.

Mother Recovering – hosted by Annika

Being a parent isn’t easy. Neither is being in recovery. And when you are dealing with both? Well, that’s a challenge that can seem overwhelming at times. This podcast provides hope and support for mothers who are working hard to be great parents and to be sober.

We Are Here to Listen to You—And to Help You Get Sober

This post has been all about listening. At French Creek Recovery Center, we are committed to listening to you with our full attention and without judgment. Doing so makes it possible for us to create a personalized treatment plan that will help you get—and stay—sober. We are able to address any co-occurring mental health disorders which may be in play as well so that you can begin your recovery journey with confidence.

Are you or a loved one looking for drug and alcohol treatment in Pennsylvania? For more information about French Creek Recovery Center, contact us at (814) 636-6777. We look forward to hearing from you.