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We are dedicated to working with both our client and their loved ones to help them find the life-long recovery they deserve.

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French Creek Recovery Center offers a full continuum of care for people with alcohol and drug abuse.

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Our programs and services are designed to help adults, ages 18 and older, find lasting recovery.

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Dedicated to Improving Lives & Communities

When it comes to treatment for substance use disorders, you want a program grounded in two key components: evidence and compassion. French Creek Recovery Center was founded to provide exceptional treatment for those struggling with drugs or alcohol. To do that, we combine 12-Step techniques with evidence-based practices delivered in with empathy and respect. Each aspect of our program—individual and group therapy, holistic treatment, family involvement, and more—is built on these same principles.

The entire staff of French Creek Recovery Center is dedicated to improving the lives of those in our community, which in turn strengthens the community as a whole. Located in Meadville, PA, just 40 miles south of Erie and 90 miles north of Pittsburgh, French Creek is an unmatched resource for individuals committed to leaving drugs or alcohol behind.

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We Don’t Judge the Person; We Treat the Disease

At French Creek Recovery Center, we know that people who struggle with drugs or alcohol are often told that it is a failure of willpower, character, or faith that has led to their problem. But the truth is far different—and that kind of judgement is truly misguided and unhelpful.

A substance use disorder is a chronic brain disorder, and that means it must be treated by healthcare professionals with experience and expertise. In the same way you would not ask an asthmatic to simply use their willpower to solve the problem, you cannot ask someone with a substance disorder to just overcome it on their own. Instead, you need caregivers who know what interventions can truly make a difference.

Our team is made up of healthcare professionals who have successfully helped clients with addictions to opiates, alcohol, heroin, benzodiazepines, prescription drugs, and any number of other drugs.

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Inpatient Care Leads to Outstanding Results

French Creek Recovery Center offers residential treatment for substance use disorders to both women and men. Our program includes a wide range of treatment options, and we personalize each individual’s plan so that their specific needs are met.

Treatment at French Creek may include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), trauma-informed care, psychoeducational groups, and courses in spirituality, nutrition, and recreation designed to support ongoing sobriety.

Importantly, all of these services are offered in a safe, homelike environment away from outside influences that could upend recovery. In addition, peer support is provided by our multidisciplinary team of addiction treatment professionals and individuals in active recovery. Inpatient treatment provides the skills, resources, and support that will be necessary when a person returns to the outside world and begins their recovery journey.

small group therapy session or support group

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