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Detoxification is often the first step in alcohol and drug rehabilitation. Our compassionate staff at French Creek Recovery can help you throughout the entire detoxification process.

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French Creek Recovery Center is taking special precautions to ensure that our staff and patients are not exposed to COVID-19.

female nurse or doctor listening to female patient's heart and breathing - detox

The Details of Detoxification

For many, many people, the rigors of withdrawal prevent them from being able to stop using drugs or alcohol on their own. That’s why a medically supervised detoxification program is a key first step in substance use treatment programs—including the program at French Creek.

Before a person is admitted to French Creek Recovery Center, they undergo a full medical examination and complete a health history that includes details of their recent use of drugs or alcohol. The medical team will determine whether detoxification is necessary. If it is, the client will enter our medically supervised detox program where they will receive around-the-clock care from highly trained nurses and physicians who employ the latest evidence-based methods to ease the challenges of withdrawal.

Following detoxification, clients begin the process of integrating into the rest of the French Creek community and taking part in the rehabilitation portion of the treatment process.

female nurse or doctor listening to female patient's heart and breathing

Detox, Rehab, and a Continuum of Care: A Look at the Three-Part Treatment Program

Sometimes in conversation, you might hear someone use a term or a phrase that you don’t recognize or understand. You might try to get the gist from the context. You might nod as though you...

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