Detoxification is often the first step in alcohol and drug rehabilitation. Our compassionate staff will help you throughout the entire process.

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French Creek is taking special precautions to ensure that our staff and patients are not exposed to COVID-19.

female nurse or doctor listening to female patient's heart and breathing - detox

Medically-Supervised Detox

French Creek Recovery Center offers on-site medically-supervised detox services to help clients through the withdrawal process from alcohol or other substances. Clients in the detox process receive around-the-clock care from specially trained nurses and physicians who employ the latest science-backed methods for an easy withdrawal process.

female nurse or doctor listening to female patient's heart and breathing

Understanding the Detoxification Process

Prior to each client being admitted to French Creek Recovery Center, they will receive a full medical background, along with a health history that includes recent usage. If our medical teams believe that detox is a necessary step to begin the treatment process, they will be placed in our medically-supervised detox program. After a few days of detox, clients will begin integrating with the rest of the community and can join activities as they feel comfortable to do so.

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