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Recovery Ideas From the Arts

Recovery Ideas From the Arts

Sometimes people think of “the arts” as some sort of lofty category of things that are reserved for a certain group of people. But the truth is that the arts are all around us. Professional artists—actors, writers, lighting designers, costume designers, and so much more—make every single television program or...

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Benefits of Having a Sponsor for Addiction Recovery

This Important Message About Sponsors

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you have seen us note time and time again that it is extremely difficult to regain your sobriety on your own. Efforts to give up drugs or alcohol often lead to withdrawal symptoms that are difficult to withstand, and so you...

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Hand of woman and origami birds (Origami Crane) on a background of sea and sky with silhouette sky, freedom concept.

Faith, Religion, or Spirituality: What You Need in Recovery

Do you consider yourself a person of faith? What religion, if any, would you say you are part of? Is spirituality an important part of your life? These are big—and personal—questions. And sometimes, they are questions that get tangled up in conversations about getting and staying sober.  So let’s take...

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Benefits of Pets for People in Recovery, having a pet,

The Benefits of Pets for People in Recovery

People in recovery from a substance use disorder can often benefit—like all of us can, really—from some unconditional love. That kind of love can be hard to come by sometimes, but one reliable source of it might be an animal—whether that turns out to be a dog, a cat, a...

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Good Communication Skills Help Reduce Stress in Recovery, Communication in Recovery, Communication Skills in Recovery,

Good Communication Skills Help Reduce Stress in Recovery

Do you ever get the feeling that no one in your life really understands you? Maybe it feels like no one understands the challenges you are facing. Maybe it feels like no one you work with understands how valuable you are to the team. Maybe it feels like your partner...

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recovery plan, Three Steps to Recovery: Detox, Rehab, and a Continuum of Care

Three Steps to Recovery

Three Steps to Recovery: Detox, Rehab, and a Continuum of Care It’s always good to have a plan. Have you ever had a big goal? Maybe you wanted to get promoted or to earn an advanced...

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Hit the Books to Better Understand Addiction and Recovery, Stories of Addiction, Books about addiction and recovery,

Hit the Books to Better Understand Addiction and Recovery

We are so glad you come to our blog to get information about substance use disorders, treatment, and the recovery journey. But, of course, this blog is not the only place you can turn to when you are hoping to get a better understanding of these topics. As Reading Rainbow...

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Preventing overdose, We Urge You to Avoid Overdoses by Reclaiming Your Sobriety

We Urge You to Avoid Overdoses by Reclaiming Your Sobriety

Overdoses Can Be Deadly—Whether Intentional or Accidental Whenever and wherever drugs or alcohol can be found, those who encounter them are at risk of an overdose. That is true if the user is a small child or mentally impaired adult who consumes a substance by mistake. It is true if...

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How Hobbies Help Support Sobriety,

How Hobbies Help Support Sobriety

Imagine that you have checked off every single item on your to-do list. No one is expecting you anywhere for hours and hours. You find yourself with uninterrupted time to yourself.  What would you do with that time? (For this exercise, let’s take napping off the table—though we’d be lying...

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