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Three Steps to Recovery: Detox, Rehab, and a Continuum of Care

It’s always good to have a plan. Have you ever had a big goal? Maybe you wanted to get promoted or to earn an advanced degree or to save money for something equally expensive and amazing. 

If anyone asked you what your goal was, you could certainly tell them. After all, your big goal was probably pretty easy to describe.

But what if someone asked you exactly how you were going to accomplish your goal?

Well, now your ability to answer would depend on whether or not you had an actual plan.

If your goal is to get and stay sober, it is absolutely essential that you have a plan. Fortunately, we can provide one. Here is our three-step plan for overcoming a substance use disorder. 

Step One: Detoxification

Withdrawal symptoms are a primary reason it is extremely difficult to get sober on your own. You may well realize that your drug or alcohol use is harming your physical and mental health. But when you try to quit using, you may find yourself beset by symptoms of withdrawal—including intense cravings—that are all but impossible to withstand. You are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

But when you seek out residential treatment for a substance use disorder at French Creek Recovery Center, you have an opportunity to break free from the cycle. We provide medically supervised detoxification in a safe, temptation-free environment. Having that support and supervision all day, every day, makes real progress—culminating in sobriety—possible.

Once you are sober, it is time to get serious about staying that way.

Step Two: Rehabilitation

Rehab is an opportunity to develop the tools and learn about the resources and strategies that will help you maintain your sobriety over time.

The rehabilitation process involves both individual and group therapy, providing you with the chance to work through challenges related to your substance use disorder and to get—and give—support in a collaborative environment in which others understand exactly what you have been—and are—going through. That shared understanding and empathy can be powerful motivators that help you stay sober.

Rehab is also the step in the process during which we can address co-occurring mental health disorders. Issues related to mental health are often entangled with substance use disorders—and the two can worsen each other as time goes on. During rehabilitation, French Creek can begin the process of treating any of the various kinds of depression, panic and anxiety issues, and disorders grounded in trauma.

Our goal throughout rehabilitation is to help you build a firm foundation that will provide support when your time in residential treatment comes to an end. But you can rest assured that we do not just turn you loose and hope for the best. Our plan still has one more step.

Step Three: Continuum of Care

Returning to your day-to-day life after residential treatment can be daunting. You might understandably be worried about suffering a relapse before your recovery journey is even really underway. That is an understandable fear (and here is a blog entry about what to do if it happens), but the good news is that you do not have to face this situation on your own. 

French Creek Recovery Center offers a continuum of care that includes access to ongoing support and resources. We have a robust alumni program that keeps you connected to your peers and provides substance-free activities. We also offer the CaredFor app, a digital resource to help you stay on track.

The transition back to your normal life may be full of challenges, but you do not have to face those challenges without support. You can count on French Creek Recovery Center to be there for you after your time in treatment comes to an end.

The Key Step Before Our Three Steps

We are confident in the effectiveness of the plan we have outlined above.


Because the plan is built around evidence-based practices. Because we have years of experience and high levels of expertise. Because we offer personalized care plans for each and every person we serve because we know each individual is unique and has unique needs.

But we can’t put our three-step plan into action until you take one very important step: You have to decide to get the help you need to get sober and reclaim your life. Once you make that decision, we can provide the care and support you need to accomplish your goal. 

At French Creek Recovery Center—located in Meadville, Pennsylvania, just 40 miles south of Erie and 90 miles north of Pittsburgh—we are ready to help whenever you are ready to make a change in your life.