Family Program

Addiction can totally disrupt family life and cause harmful, lasting effects. We work with the whole family system to optimize success for the person in treatment.

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Healing the Entire Family

We believe the addiction affects the whole family unit. We also believe that healing and educating the family will provide the person with a substance use problem with a more stable environment in which to enter upon completion of our program.

hand holding a paper house with heart cut out of middle against setting sun

About Our Family Program

The family program at French Creek Recovery Center will involve a four-week educational program that will occur one day per week, usually on Saturday. Each educational session will last 1 ½ hours. Topics in these educational groups will cover the disease of addiction and its impact on the family, the recovery process, understanding the twelve steps, the importance of a strong support system, healthy relationships, and an overview of support systems that are available for family members such as Al-Anon.

Our therapists and counselors will also encourage our clients to participate in family counseling sessions. Family members who complete all four educational sessions will be given a certificate of completion.

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