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Let’s face it: People can be really judgmental.

People judge their coworkers: He sure seems to be out of the office a lot while the rest of us are stuck here working.

People judge their neighbors: Can you believe how tall the grass is in their yard?

People judge members of their faith community: Well, that isn’t the behavior of a person who truly has faith.

People judge their own family members: I told her she was making a mistake, but of course she never listens to me.

People judge people they don’t even know: Man, that player is a thug—and the coach just encourages that sort of thing.

And people judge those who are struggling with drugs or alcohol.

If you have developed a substance use disorder, there is a good chance you have felt the sting of judgment from the people around you. And you might be worried that if you seek out treatment you will just be subject to more judgment from the doctors and other staff members at the facility you choose. That concern might be keeping you out of treatment even as your mental and physical health continue to deteriorate and things get more and more difficult in your life.

We understand those worries about facing ongoing judgment, and we want to assure you that French Creek Recovery Center is a judgment-free zone. Our commitment is to treat the disease—and not to judge the person who is suffering from that disease.

When It Comes to Substance Use Disorders, People’s Judgment Is Misplaced

Far too many people believe that a substance use disorder arises due to a person’s lack of willpower or faith or character. And unfortunately, the people who think that are often more than happy to express those views to just about anyone—including a person struggling with drugs or alcohol.

When someone calls your character into question, it can be exceptionally demoralizing—especially if you think they have a point. If you internalize the judgmental thoughts and comments of others, you might not do the things you need to do to reclaim your sobriety and your life.

That is why it is so essential that you remember that a substance use disorder is a chronic brain disease—one that can be managed but not cured. Understood in that way, it becomes clear that the best thing you can do is seek out treatment—just as you would for any other disease. 

The stigmas associated with substance use disorders—and with mental health disorders, which are often entangled with drug or alcohol use—keep far too many people out of treatment. And as we have mentioned, a fear of judgment while in treatment also causes hesitation in those who would profoundly benefit from getting help.

So again, we want to assure you that when you seek out treatment for a substance use disorder at French Creek Recovery Center, you will never be judged. Our only goal is to help.

Turning Down Your Own Judgmental Tendencies Gives Your Sobriety a Boost

Pretty much everyone has been judged by someone else. And pretty much everyone has been the person doing the judging. That reality brings us to an important point.

The tendency to judge others doesn’t just disappear because you yourself have been unfairly judged. Truthfully, most of us casually pass judgment on others all the time—mostly in small ways, but sometimes in big ways, too.

That tendency, however, does not support your ongoing sobriety—and this is especially true if the person you judge most often is yourself. Finding ways to build yourself up and extending that grace to others can be a great way to firm up the foundations of your recovery. After all, as a person in recovery from a substance use disorder, you understand that people are often facing problems and challenges we know nothing about or don’t fully understand. Given that reality, being kind to yourself and to others is always a positive choice.

Here is the Verdict: You Can Count on French Creek to Provide Personalized and Effective Treatment

We simply cannot say this enough: You will not experience judgment if you seek treatment for a substance use disorder (and co-occurring mental health disorders) at French Creek Recovery Center. 

Our personalized approach to treatment includes medically supervised detoxification, a rehabilitation program designed to supply tools, resources, and strategies for maintaining sobriety over time, and a continuum of care that provides ongoing support as your recovery journey gets underway.

Do not let anyone’s judgment—not that of other people and not your own—keep you out of treatment. At French Creek Recovery Center—located in Meadville, Pennsylvania—we are always ready to help you regain your sobriety and improve your quality of life.